Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O)

Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O)

AJ Insurance Service has many years experience in providing Directors and Officers Insurance from a large panel of insurers. As insurance experts we can provide you with a full review of your insurance requirements free of charge.

What is Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O)?

The Companies Act 2006 has identified more easily the duties, responsibilities all Directors and Officers now have which has resulted in more claims being made against them from the likes of Shareholders, Other Directors, Customers, Regulators such as the HSE to name just a few.

Cover can include Corporate Legal Liability, Employee Dishonesty and several policies also include legal help lines.

Employment Practices Insurance

Usually an extension of cover to the main Directors and Officers cover, also known as EPL cover. EPL is where the majority of claims come from on a Directors and Officers insurance (D&O) policy, the cover providing protection against such claims as harassment and discrimination, wrongful dismissal.

Did you know?

  • Directors do not have limited liability!
  • Director’s personal assets are not safe!
  • Other Management (not just Directors) can be held liable!
  • Any size company can be held liable; this insurance is not just for large companies!

Examples of just some of the trades, specialist policies for Companies we are able to arrange cover for are as follows,

For information on any of the above mentioned policies or for a quotation please call our commercial team on 01375 487371.

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