Tiling Contractors Insurance

Tiling Contractors Insurance


As a broker we understand that every job is different and our policies are selected to fit your needs as a business large or small. As contractors you could be tiling a kitchen floor one day and the walls of a commercial bathroom the next so our policies made to fit your requirements.

Domestic Tiling Contractors Insurance

We have a selection of insurers and products for domestic tilers which will cover damage caused by you or your employees to third parties and third party property as well as injuries to you or your employees.

Commercial Tiling Contractors Insurance

More complex policies such as Contractors All Risk and Commercial Combined policies are available to Commercial Tiling Contractors. There are additional policies and extensions which may be recommended depending on the size of the business. Higher Liability limits are available for government and industrial contracts.


For a sole trader our recommended range of policies include.


And for Larger Businesses our recommended range of policies include.


For information on any of the above mentioned policies or for a quotation please call our commercial team on 01375 487371.

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