Eight top tips for protecting your unoccupied property

Eight Top Tips: Protecting Your Unoccupied Property

If your property is unoccupied it is more open to problems then if you were living there.

Your property could

  • Be broken into and vandalised
  • Have roof leak and no one is there to notice
  • A pipe could burst but when would you know?

There are many reasons why there is a higher risk on property that are unoccupied. With a little help you could reduce the risk of your property.

Tip 1: Make sure you advise your insurers

Most policies will allow a property to be unoccupied for 30 to 60 days and if it will be longer then that you may need to take out a policy especially designed for an unoccupied property policy.

Tip 2: Window locks

If you fit good solid locks on your windows not just your doors. Breaking in will be harder and will discourage thieves.

Tip 3: Alarms

Fit an intruder alarm or a dummy decoy alarm. It’s a great deterrent and will reduce the chance of a break in.

Tip 4: Keep your heating on at 15oc

This will prevent freezing of pipes in the cold seasons which have become more frequent in recent years.

Tip 5: Don’t advertise it on Facebook!

It’s amazing how much we tell people on Facebook without even realising. No one needs to know you have an unoccupied house and if someone comments on a post it can be visible to people not on your friends list.

Tip 6: Clear out the property

Take out anything of value. If there is nothing to steal there is no reason for someone to break in.

Tip 7: Have the property checked every 7 days

Most insurers would require this but if not it is still a good thing to do. If there is a leak you would be more likely to prevent major damage.

Tip 8: Don’t let the post stack up

If you are receiving post having post hanging out the letter box or stacking up is just asking for trouble. If the property is being checked take it upstairs if you are leaving it at the house so it is out of sight. People will break in just for the chance of financial information in the letters and you may not know what they have actually taken.

For any advice or to arrange an unoccupied property insurance policy call our office today on 01375 848000.

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