Subsidence FAQ

What is subsidence?

Subsidence is the downward movement of the site on which a building stands -where the soil beneath the building’s foundations is unstable. The movement is not caused by the weight of the building.  (FOS online technical resource)



What can cause subsidence?

  • Escape of water (burst pipes, cracked drains)
  • Clay Shrinkage (Drying out due to plants and trees)
  • Tree roots under the foundations
  • Mining (Old disused mining tunnel collapse)
  • Vibrations from passing vehicles


Am I covered by my insurance?

Most policies will include subsidence cover if the property has no previous history of it but there will have a higher excess (£1,000 average).


Can I get insurance for subsidence if my house has had a claim for subsidence in the past?

If there is a history of subsidence then you will need to get insurance from a specialist as most insurance companies will refuse to cover you.


What will I need to get insurance if there is a history of subsidence?

You will need all the information on the subsidence claim if you have it and at least one of the following documents.

  • A Certificate of Structural Adequacy
  • A Structural Buildings Survey
  • A Structural Engineers Report (either Specific or General or both)



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