Winter Weather Warning from AJ Insurance

Winter can be a fun thing.

Everyone loves snow right?

  • Snow Balls
  • Snowmen
  • Sledges

But what happens when your out in the cold because;

  • Your car has broken down
  • Boilers packed up
  • Pipes frozen
  • Power is out

Have you done all you can do to get prepared for the winter?

Make a check list of things to do to get ready.

The Car

  • Check the car tyres
  • Check the oil
  • Always have enough petrol in the tank in case you do get stuck and need to keep the engine running you can
  • Anti-Freeze is a must
  • Have blankets in the boot for emergencies
  • If the roads closed are the trains still running should you need to get around

The Home

  • Stock some bottled water in case pipes freeze
  • When was the boiler serviced last?
  • Are your pipes in your home insulated
  • Have you got tinned food you can eat cold?
  • Have you got matches and candles should the power fail.
  • Keep your mobile’s charged in case of power cuts (most home phones require power)

This above is just a few helpful hints that may save you time and money if there is a cold snap.

Forward this to friends and family and spread awareness. Hopefully it won’t be needed but it’s good to be prepared.

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