Chassis Number / Unregistered

Insurance on the Chassis Number/VIN Number/Unregistered Vehicle

Are you importing a vehicle into the UK or registering a car for the first time?

Do you have a foreign registered vehicle which you are bringing permanently to the UK, or are you returning to the UK from abroad with a vehicle which has been re-registered in the EU?

At AJ Insurance we have an experienced and knowledgeable team of insurance professionals who are specialists in the field of insuring unregistered vehicles. Insuring a vehicle that currently only has a chassis number, or foreign registration number can be very difficult, as can be the whole registration process. Our expertise in this field will not only simplify the process of arranging insurance on the chassis number for your vehicle but may also assist you in your understanding of what you are required to do to register the vehicle with DVLA.

Here at AJ Insurance, we can offer an annual policy from which a cover note can be issued on the basis of the chassis number while you register your unregistered vehicle in the UK. (NB: You may not drive your unregistered vehicle on the road in the UK until a valid UK registration has been issued by DVLA, unless driven specifically to obtain a pre-booked SVA or MOT certificate). We do ask that your vehicle is registered in the UK as soon as possible and that you come back to us to confirm the UK registration number within 30 days.

We have a panel of leading insurers who can issue insurance cover for your unregistered vehicle on the chassis number.

Many of the insurers are also able to accommodate drivers with

  • European licences
  • European claims experience (or no claims bonus)
  • Residency in the UK from 1 day

Registering your car can have many problems, but hopefully we can solve one for you by arranging a suitable insurance for your needs.

For additional help please see our guide to registering an EU vehicle in the UK

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