Car Insurance for drivers over 75

Car Insurance for drivers over 75

In 2012 it was estimated that there were over one million drivers who were over the age of 80 still driving in the UK, and with people generally living longer this was probably set to rise even further.

For most elderly people, who have driven all of their life, the car is a lifeline. Not only does it provide them with more mobility, but it also allows them to socialise more, maintain an active lifestyle, and gives them potentially more access to local services and activities. Whilst a car is centrally quite important to many people, it is possibly most important to senior citizens who could possibly become rather isolated without it.

From an insurer’s prospective though, in recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the cost of insurance for senior motorists, with some insurers premiums almost reaching those of the cost to insure a young driver. Whilst there has been a change in direction more recently towards elderly drivers by some insurers, the premiums can still be quite expensive.

Here at AJ Insurance, we understand that someone who has not had an accident or claim for the past 5 years, and has probably been driving for over 50 years does not suddenly become a bad driver overnight. Hence the reason we have arranged with underwriters a policy specifically designed to cater for drivers between the age of 75 and 89 years of age. It is within this age group that many older drivers experience a significant increase in their premiums, and for this reason we have endeavoured to combat this as much as possible with the help of our underwriters.

The policy itself not only provides a good level of cover (including such items as *unlimited windscreen cover,* legal expenses, *a courtesy car in the event of an accident, *driving other cars) but can also be very competitively priced.

Most of all though we are here to listen and to take the time to go through your requirements to make sure that we provide the right policy for you and offer you a level of service that will meet your expectations. We hope that we can provide you with cover for your car which will maintain your independence and keep you feeling young at heart!

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*Subject to underwriting acceptance and policy conditions

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