Foreign and European Licence Holders

Foreign and EU licence holders.

The world is getting smaller and increasingly more people are moving to the UK to live, or are Ex Pats returning to the UK after having exchanged their UK licence whilst living abroad. The move may have been straightforward enough, but what do you do if you have a foreign licence and wish to drive in the UK, either a vehicle you have imported from the EU or maybe from elsewhere, or a UK vehicle you have purchased on arrival?

How can we help you?

We have many years of experience of insuring new residents to the UK with overseas licences, which can be problematic to many online insurers. Whilst your current overseas licence may permit you to drive in the UK for a certain length of time before you need to exchange it, our experience is that this can result in higher insurance premiums. Therefore, we would normally recommend to our clients that they obtain or transfer their current licence to a UK licence as soon as they possibly can once arriving in the UK.

Can i use my experience discounts?

If you hold an EU licence we are able to obtain cover from a number of insurers who are happy to arrange insurance on your current licence. Many of these will also recognise your driving experience from another EU country and will allow the appropriate number of years claim free discount, subject to proven written experience. This could make you quite a saving on your insurance premium. Additionally, we may also be able to provide the same benefit if you have a no claims bonus from Australia or New Zealand.

What if my licence is from outside the EU?

If you hold an international licence from any other country then we are very often able to provide a quote based upon your current licence, however, this would be subject to the legal requirements regarding your entitlement to drive in the UK under your current licence.

Your entitlement to drive in the UK under your current licence, regardless of whether it is an EU licence or not, will depend upon where you passed your test originally and where your current licence was issued. For details on the current entitlement to drive on your overseas licence, please refer to for more information, or call the DVLA on 0300 790 6801.

If you would like more information and obtain a quotation, please call one of our experienced team on 01375 848000 who are ready to assist you. You may be pleasantly surprised at the competitive premiums we can offer for this type of insurance.

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