Specialist Non-Standard

Specialist Home Insurance Policies

There are many different ways in which your property could be classified as non standard. Our specialist policies are designed for you and could cover your home if you have had;

We can also cover properties which have a;

    • Grade 1 & Grade 2 listing
    • Non Standard construction
      • Timber Frame
      • Steel Frame
      • Flat roofs
      • Thatched roofs
      • Eco Builds

The standard providers would generally refuse you cover if you have had any of the above mentioned issues. Whatever the reason we have a panel of providers who have tailor made policies for you and your home.

Subsidence Property Insurance

We understand that there are a limited number of insurers that will offer full cover on your property if it has previously suffered from subsidence. We will try to get you policy you need with subsidence cover included.

There are many reasons why a property can have a history of Subsidence;

    • Cracked pipes washing away soil
    • Tree roots
    • Clay foundations

Regardless of the reason for the subsidence as long as the repairs have been done and there is a Structural Engineers Report we will try to get you insurance for your property including subsidence cover.

Flood Insurance

Even with a property that may not necessarily have flooded previously, it may still be difficult to insure your home in a flood risk area.

Our panel of Insurers have the right policy for you, your situation and with the level of cover you should expect from your Home Insurance policy.

    • Full cover including Subsidence & Flood
    • Legal cover up to £50,000
    • 24 hour Claim Line
    • Direct debit over 10 instalments
    • Discounts on second policies

Call us today on 01375 848000 and speak to one of our property specialists and see how we can help you with your insurance needs.

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