Flood insurance

Flood Insurance for your property

Heavy rain!, Bitter storms!, Coastal surges!
These are just some of the headlines that have appeared in newspapers in the past 5 years in relation to the UK’s ever changing weather patterns.

What the headlines don’t tell you though is the amount of damage and sometimes heartache this can cause to a home owner who has been affected by flooding. It is not just the inconvenience of the initial damage and possibly having to move out of the house, but the possessions which can be destroyed as a result, and the clearing up after the water has finally subsided.

So the property has all been put back to new and you have come to terms with the possessions you have lost, but now your insurance is due again.

For many, this is where the problems really begin. In the past 20 years there have been more than 7 incidents of major flooding around various parts of the UK. When you compare this to the previous 40 years where there were 2 major floods, both of which were in the 1950’s, you can begin to see why many insurers are reluctant to offer any cover at all for a property which may be in a potential flood risk area. So what do you do?

Why choose AJ Insurance?

As a broker who specialises in insurance risks that fall outside of many insurer’s criteria for cover, we have been able to negotiate terms with several insurers through many years of experience and mutual co operation to offer cover for a large number of clients whose property falls within a flood risk area, or has been flooded previously. Each case is individually considered and underwritten on its own specific circumstances. Whilst the insurers we use cannot guarantee to underwrite every risk they are presented with, they are willing to look at any risk, especially where there has been some improvements to the protection against future flooding for the property to offer cover which includes flood insurance.

What can you do to protect your home against flooding?

Even with a property that may not necessarily have flooded previously, it may still be defined as being in a flood risk area according to the environmental agency.

For more information please visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency

So the more you can do to reduce or prevent the risk of future flooding, the more favourably an insurer will look upon providing you insurance with flood cover. Listed below are some simple suggestions to help protect your property:

Sign up to the environment agency Flood Warnings Scheme – A message will be sent to you by phone, email or text of a potential flood risk in your area and best of all ITS FREE

Keep some sandbags handy – They may not stop the water altogether, but may reduce the amount of damage to your property.

Have removable flood barriers fitted to doors and windows – This is a more costly option but can be very effective.

Buy air-brick covers for any air-bricks you may have at the property – These are a simple and affordable prevention, which are fairly easy to install.

Have one way valves fitted on drainage pipes – This decrease the risk of sewage backing up into your property.

Structural Waterproofing (or Tanking) – This is a waterproof coating which can be applied to the outside of the property to make it more resilient to the ingress of water.

These are just a few suggestions as to how you can help to protect your property and make your home a better risk for an insurer to consider. However, there may have also been improvements made to flood defences in your local area, either by your local authority, or by the environment agency itself. It is worthwhile finding out as much information as you can regarding any improvements that have been carried out, as this will also assist our underwriters when they are considering your individual insurance.

If you would like to obtain a quote for flood insurance, please call one of our experienced sales team on 01375 848000 who are here to listen to your own personal situation and will do their very best to provide you with suitable cover for possibly your most valuable asset.

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